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The Fate of the Marvel Universe is in YOUR hands

In this new storyline, heroes and villains unite in a race across the Marvel Universe to find Infinity Stones one by one before Thanos and The Black Order can use them to unleash cosmic chaos.

Build your alliance

Which heroes will join your four-person party? Choose wisely: Each one has different abilities. Plus, members of specific groups can get extra bonuses for teaming up! If fewer than four people are playing, you can swap the character you’re controlling at any time.

Tag innew heroes

At certain spots called S.H.I.E.L.D. Points, you’ll be able to save your game, manage your heroes, and change out the characters in your party. Be sure to give everyone a shot!

Level up withInfinity Trials

Infinity Trials are special missions with specific rules. Succeed and you could earn some very helpful items to use in the main campaign.

Get combat-ready

To save the universe, you’re gonna have to bring out the big guns... not to mention swords, psychic blasts, and Asgardian hammers.

Every character has their own basic attacks and special moves.

Light attacks are quick and can be chained for combos.

Heavy attacks are more powerful but are performed one at a time.

Use awesome abilities

Abilities are the special powers that put the “super” in Super Hero.

Each character has distinct abilities that can do major damage but take Energy Points (EP) to perform.

Synergize for even more power

Combining your team’s abilities can create more powerful attacks than usual. This is called Synergy, and many different types can occur. Be sure to experiment with different heroes to see how their abilities synergize!

Unleash an Extreme Attack

Send foes running with an all-out strike using your heroes’ most powerful special attacks.

Each hero has a different Extreme attack that they can use when their Extreme Gauge is full.

If all four heroes launch their Extreme at the same time, a massive Ultimate Alliance Extreme will occur—devastating the enemy!

Team up to take down Thanos

The best way to play is with friends, at home or online*. These multiplayer modes make it easy for up to 4 players to team up:

Local Play

With additional Joy-Con™ controllers, up to four friends can play together on one system.

Local wireless

Get together and play using your own systems and games.

Online play

Team up with others online to play together anytime.

Local wireless and online play (along with single player) also let you use Heroic Camera for a zoomed-in, dynamic view of the action.